2012. november 15., csütörtök

part 4

the next thing I knew, was that I was laying on a hospital bed, staring at the plain, empty wall. Mum burst through the doors and ran to my bed; she started muttereing lots of things under her breath like are you okay? What happened? Who did it? Then she grabbed my hand and sat on the end of the hospital bed.
"What happened?" Mum suspiciously asked.
"Nothing. I mean, I don't know." I lied, I knew exactly what happened but I couldn't tell my parents otherwise they might find out about the medalian, and then question me where I got it from, and I dont want to be underpressure like that!
"What do you mean, that nothing happened?! Its clear that your bruised and wounded, you dont get that many cuts, and painful scars from falling over and fainting!" snapped mum.
"Please mum, I just want to go home, I don't like this hospital, the beds are uncomfy and everything's plain." I whined.
"Fine, lets head home. How about you and I snuggle on the sofa and drink nice hot chocolate." mum said.
"I'd like that please!". I sang.
But who should I tell I thought, I can't keep it a secret for ever.

2012. november 14., szerda

Part 3

I went down to breakfast, feeling a bit faint, but still quickly gobbled my breakfast up. Then ran upstairs got changed, and made sure that my medalian was safe in my sock, at the back of the draw. I hurried downstairs, opened the door a tiny crack and yelled -
Bye sweety - mum said as she came into the room, and gave me a big hug.
Bye darling - dad shouted from upstairs.
Then he came down in his smart suit and tie, and gave me kiss. With that, I steped out the house and slammed the door. I ran to the school bus stop, and waited. And waited, and waited and waited, untill the bus finally arrived. I hopped on, and sat down on the old, worn, torn, and ripped seat. I began to feel  depressed, and even more faint, although it's probably from lack of sleep so I won't worry too much about it. The bus headed to the dark allyway and opened its doors to let the bullies come in. You see, there isn't much children around this area, so I don't have a friend outside of school, so I usually take the bus alone. As much as I loved school, I absoloutly hate the school bus.  I especially hate it when the bus stops at the ally way, the bullies always slowly trudge on, and threaten me. Finally we arrived at school. I stood by my friend, and chated away. A bully came up to us -
Give me it! don't say you don't know what I'm talking about, I just want your stupid medalian! Demanded the bully
How did you know? I mean, errm what are you on about? -
What did you just say?!- bellowed the bully
Please, I d-didnt s-say anyting. I begged
She gave me a hard shuv and a massive kick, and a punch in the stomach. I hit the floor so so hard and bruised every part of my body, and just layed there in a total silence. I couldn't move my arm, or even open my eyes, I just layed there with my body touching the horrible muddy field.

2012. november 13., kedd

Part 2

I couldn't believe that I had it, and no one knew. I dont like to think of it a stealing, besides, I don't even know where it came from or who had it. All I know is that there was a dark shadowy figure who smuggled it into the giant plant house and threw it into the mouth of a venous fly trap. yeah, so mabey I got a few cuts and bruises on my arm while I was trying to find the medalian in the venous fly trap, but it was worth it. I couldn't care less of who that stupid figure was, but I'm glad he threw the madalian in there, because, I think that, posibly I'm the richest girl in the world, and no-one knows! 

2012. június 7., csütörtök

A Zokni

Reggel hirtelen felriadtam.
Átvánszorogtam a szobán, azonnal látni akartam a zoknimat ha még ott van… gyanakodva  néztem  körbe kapzsi szemekkel. Biztos akartam lenni benne, hogy egy lélek sem lát.
 Kitekertem az izzadt, koszos zoknit a maszatos kezemmel.
Akkor anya nyitott be  és  én mielőtt belépett volna,  mint a villám dugtam a büdos zoknit a pizsamám zsebébe.
-Édesem te már ébren vagy? kérdezte.
-igen  morogtam.
-"gyere le kicsikém készítettem reggelit neked"  mondta  anya nyugodt hangon.
-"azt hiszem, hogy elöbb átöltözöm." válaszoltam
-"jó csak siess, mert kihűl a reggeli," sóhajtotta anya.
 Ahogy becsukta  az ajtót kivettem a zoknit a zsebemből és amilyen gyorsan csak tudtam kibontottam, mielőtt  megint benyitott volna valaki.
Egy nagyon keresett lopott aranymedál feküdt a tenyeremben.
A furcsa az egészben, hogy senki se gondolná, hogy én loptam el.


A medál leírása:
Arany díszítve midenféle drágakővel, gyönnyörű ezüst díszítéssel a közepén.

2012. június 6., szerda

The sock

Part 1

In the morning I awoke with a fright. I stumbled clumsyly across the room too imideatly look  in my sock draw to see if it was still there... I looked around suspiciously with greedy eyes making sure no soul was glancing in my direction. I unraveled
the sweaty sock with my gritty hands- then mum came in. I shoved the smelly sock into my nighties pocket as quick as lightning, before she opened the door.
- "Sweety are you awake yet?"
- "yes" I mumbled.
-"Come downstairs then poppet Ive made your breakfast,"mum said reluctuntly.
-"I think I should get changed first tough..."
-"Fine make it quick, it might get cold otherwise."sighed mum. With that she closed the door. I took the sock out from my pocket, I opened it as fast as I could before anyone else could open the door.
The most wanted stolen gold medalian lay in my hand. The funny thing was that no one suspected that I had stolen it...

Description of medalian:
Gold, encrusted with every kind of expensive jewls and stones on it, beutifull silver patterns in the midle.